Friday, May 4, 2012

Feature Friday

Ok, so my hiatus from the blog world has been a little bit long for my taste.  Aside from moving, the day job has been requiring lots of extra over time hours lately leaving little time to get my life out of boxes.  It's not over yet, but what better way to ease my way back in, than a Feature Friday post?  It is Friday after all.

Right now, I have decorating on the brain.  Oh to empty that last box.  The feeling of freedom at last.  I'm trying to be patient, I am.  I'm going room to room trying to at least find a place for things, doing minimal wall hanging for the moment and trying oh so hard not to be overly anxious for the results I have been dreaming up in my head.  These images, however, make it difficult to do that sometimes.

{I can hardly even stand these chairs.  Oh, to own them.  And that wallpaper?  This image, found on Good With Style, makes me swoon}

{This little emerald and aqua number, as seen at Room Polish, sets the tone for a satisfying vignette}

{Can you say "love?"  Plus a piano to boot.  Drool.  Found at Design Is Mine}

{How about some inspirational graphic artwork for the walls by Sarah Winter?  Yes and please}

{This suitcase table, from Design Sponge at Home, makes my heart pitter patter}

Thanks for stopping by!  Coming soon is a sneak peek into the developments here and there around the new house.  Hope to see you then!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Feature Friday

How about a way over-due feature Friday?  I know you've been missing me.   I just know it.

As you know, it's been crazy chaos around here, but that doesn't mean I haven't been inspired by anything lately.  In fact, my brain overfloweth with inspiration and it's making me crazy to not have time to pursue it.  I swear, I'm always the most inspired when I can't do anything about it.  Isn't that just how it happens?

Anywho, enough complaining from me.  How about something to light up the mood.  BAH!  Get it?

I've been day-dreaming about the perfect light fixtures for different rooms in the house.  I haven't come to any conclusions yet (surprised?), but I am drawing inspiration from these images for various projects.  Yes, I do plan on making them myself because yes, I am too cheap to just buy one of these guys (even the cute tiered fixture from UO), and yes, I have the un-relenting DIY bug that makes me unsatisfied unless I do it myself.

That being said, take a second to devour the beauty in the below images.

{This cardboard corrugated pendant from red, is organic and bohemian, yet structured and sophisticated}

{This ruler pendant (also by red) is as visually interesting as it is dynamic}

{This industrially chic chandelier from Anthropologie is simple, yet profound}

{The most budget friendly tiered pendant from Urban Outfitters is structured and understated}

{Made from twine and a rusty old ring, this is an inspiring and beautiful piece of art seen on 4 Men 1 Lady}

{Possibly my favorite of the bunch (if I had to choose), this chandelier by Apparatus has a certain 70's vibe with industrial flare}

Thanks for indulging with me today!  I hope you have a fantastic spring weekend!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Paint a House? NBD.

Here's to an update.  We painted.  We painted all day.  We came out tired, bruised and unable to make a fist, but we did it.  We painted an entire house.  In ONE day.  That's right.  Don't worry, I'll be signing autographs later.

Thanks to the help of family and some dear dear friends that just picked up a paint brush and ran with it, we were able to check off the BIGGEST (and I mean that in every sense of the word), scariest task we were facing before closing on the house.  

Here's some picture love to all my helpers.  We couldn't have done it (and still have a happy marriage) without you.

In all seriousness, if you are tackling a painting project, get off the computer, grab your car keys and go to your nearest home improvement store to buy a Paint Edger (or 2, or 3) and some Paint Edger Pad refills.  It will save you HOURS and keep you from saying lots of wirty dords.  Whoever invented this gets a big kiss from me!  I am a firm believer in its magic.

Stay tuned for more house updates amidst the crazy and a fun DIY from a fabulous guest blogger!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Colonel Gustard

I can't help but take a second to point out that we have now spent a year with our beloved dog Gus, the Colonel that won our hearts.  Known by many a name, Gus Gus, Gusaroo, the Fuzz Guster, Gussy, Gaseous Gus, Gimpy, Gustipher, the Gus-mister, and of course, Colonel Gustard.

Let's just take a little walk through the year shall we?

{First morning with my new Mom and Dad.  This looks like a cozy spot}

{My Dragon is my favorite.}
{Snuggles with Mom}

{Sweepy Guster}

{Munchkin Man}

{Look how big I'm getting!}

{Sniff Sniff}
{Pumpkin man}

{"I may be a big boy, but I love to snuggle"}
{Dapper Gus in his bow-tie}

{Snowy Gus with a mean mom who makes him stay in the cold for a photo op!}
{I want to be a super-model gus}

I thought I'd share some cuteness with you before I let you know that I may be away for a while.  Closing on the house is coming down to the wire, so when I'm not working, I will be packing, painting and moving.  This said, my posts may be few and far between up until the grand unveiling.  Thanks for sticking with me during this stretch.  I hope I will be seeing you again sooner rather than later!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Feature Friday

It's that time again!  It's Feature Friday! Woot to the woot!

This weeks feature consists of paint dipped beauties.  I have developed a bit of an obsession with this simply accomplished look (as you can see from another feature here), and plan to incorporate it in various ways throughout my house.

{Pretty paint dipped chop sticks by Poppytalk for homemade sushi night}

Pinned Image
{Paint dipped spoons by tinywhitedaisies would make for a pretty display in the kitchen}

{I have a major thing going on for these gold dipped champagne flutes by Honestly WTF}

Pinned Image
{Paint dipped chair legs by IVillage add a fun dose of color to the kitchen}

{These paint dipped stools as seen on Elle Interior are designed after my own heart}

Paint is such a fun, easy, and cheap way to mix things up around the house.  Need a change that doesn't break the bank?  Grab a can of paint and some pretty blue painters tape and have at it with some of these fun and inspiring projects.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Box of Happy

I heart birthdays.  I also heart a reason to give someone a gift (and a deadline to do it by - sometimes I just work better with deadlines, it's true) from my heart to theirs.  One of my besties just had a birthday, so I decided to send her a box of happy (birthday to be exact). 

Inspired by Oh Hello Friend and her book of notes, here is a glimpse of what I think brings joy and smiles.

{I grabbed a handful of these super cute pins at Blicks one day, so I attached one to a little note and wrapped with bakers twine}

{Message in a bottle as seen on Oh Hello Friend}

{Brownie and Frosting Mixes from Trader Joes.  The tag on the brownies reads "Have your Cake and Eat it Too}

{Green Tea mints wrapped in lace from Trader Joes}

{Floral paper clips packaged in a jewel toned box make studying for your graduate degree so much happier}

{"Owl Always be There for You" Necklace I've been hoarding from Urban Outfitters waiting for the perfect moment to gift}

{A scroll wrapped in ribbon, opened to reveal a word search decorated in doilies with words to describe a dear friend}

 {Homemade glitter clothes-pins designed to "pin" and share happiness.  You can either make some yourself or buy them here}

{A box of happiness packaged and ready to go}

I encourage you to think about where and with whom you can spread some cheer.  It doesn't have to be someone's birthday to share a smile.  It's something I need to do more often myself and hope that this encourages you as well to show someone you love them by sending them a box of happy, or a book of notes.  You don't have to do something expensive or over the top to make someone smile.